April 16, 2014
Chic Aeon made this short film at Imaginaria, absolutely amazing....

Magical secret garden, oak trees, pond, lighthouse, mermaid, shipwreck, faerie ring, horses, fairies, forest, forgotten ruins and beautiful magical spring scenes.  Great place to take pictures or just explore, dance or hang out.  Perfect for couples, first dates, lots of romance with dancing and romantic animations.

Additional images can be seen in the Imaginaria Sim Flickr group:

Imaginaria Spring Sim Creators List February 2014

This is a list of all the creators whose items I used on the sim.
My sincere thanks to each and every one of them for making such
beautiful things without which it would not have been possible to
create Imaginaria for all to enjoy.  -Peace Edenflower

22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Paco Pooley
2Xtreme - Tunes Meness
3D Trees - Nadine Reverie
AAA Sculpty Creations Animals - JonHaskell
Alchemy Immortalis - Immortalis Cyannis
Alesta - Sun Fairlady
Alirium - Alir Flow
Anc - Anc Aki
Apple Fall - warehousefifteendesigns resident
Art Dummy - Gala Charron
Atelier Visconti - Stephan Visconti
Axix - Elise Mannequin
Bad Katz Textures - Katz Republic
Balderdash - Saiyge Lotus
bbqq - oMiluo Resident
Better Gnomes and Cauldrons - Krikket Blackheart
Black Rose - Vivienne Daguerre
Botanical - Kriss Lehmann
Boudoir - Vitabela Dubrovna
BR Creations - Baronesa Redhill
Cheeky Pea - Isla Gealach
Ckit Falconry - Calli Kit
Culprit - Lord Humphrey
DARK MUSE Botanicals - Musette Demonia
Deadwool - Masa Plympton
d-lab - Dazai Voom
Dornroeschen Creative - Imala Chuwes
Dutchie - Froukje Hoorenbeek
Dysfunctional Designs - Anke Hatchuk
ee Oh's PALMS & CREATURES - ee Oh
EFE Design - serseriefe Resident
Entity - Guestier Balut
Esssensual - Bethi Catteneo
Estatica - Estatica Resident
Fairey Angel Creations - Jillian Fairey
Fanatik Architecture - Kendra Zaurak
floorplan -Tegan Serin
Forest Feast - mikatsuki Matova
Garden of Dreams - pabloocara Resident
Gardenia - Annastasia Scofield
Glimmer Moon - Dancer Glimmer
Half Deer - Halogen Magic
Heart Garden Center - Lilith and Dolly Heart
HISpose - Curio Thistle
HPMD - Sasaya Kayo
iBi - 8f8 Resident
ililo - ZoZoRaven
ionic - lakua Arriaga
JD Mechanical Toy Factory - Jenne Dibou
Kaelin's Infernal Moods  - Kaelin Westland
Kalopsia - Isabeau Baragula
keke - Kean Kelly
KIDD Creation 
la petite morte - Voshie Paine
lame - Tea Soup
Lark - Sienia Trevellion
LeeZu - LeeZu Baxter
LISP - Pandora Popstar
Meadow Works - Garvie Garzo
Mesh Mafia - MeshtakesWereMade Resident
Mirage - Spooky Mistwallow
monaya gardening - monaka Mint
MudHoney - Rayvn Hynes
New Trails - vitrail Illios
noctis - Yelena Istmal
NODE - Nyagos Kidd
Organica - Aki Shichiroji
Painfully Divine - Nahtasha Uriza
PATRON - Eliza Wierwight
Peace:ART - Peace Edenflower
PILOT - Kaz Nayar
Pixel Mode - Tya Fallingbridge
POST -  Van Auster
Prism Furniture - Lilly Juno
Razor Bird - Angharad Greggan
Roawenwood - Searlait Nitschke
Sang Fori Design - Kim Lefavre
Scarlet Creative - Charlotte Bartlett
Schadenfreude - Allegory Malaprop
Seven Emporium - Agustkov Resident
Shop Seu - Seu Ahn
Starhelm Trading Company - Alexis Sommerfeld
Studio Skye - Alex Bader
Talevin's Designs - Talevin Whelan
Tartessos Arts - Nico Griffith
Tatty Soup - Tab Tatham
Teawood - RobinWoodley Resident
The Golden Oriole - Oriolus Oliva
The Looking Glass - Marcus Inkpen 
Trompe Loeil - Cory Edo
TUFF - Rya Nitely
Two Moon Gardens - Bunnie Badger
Veela Jinx
Vespertine - Amelie Knelstrom
WaterMoon Breeze - MenuBar Memorial
We're Closed - Wendy Xeno and Mandingo Quan
What Next - Winter Thorn
Wild Hound Designs - Canis Baxton
Wimey - Sash Arabello
Wishing Well Fountains - BF2 Shepherd
Worlds End Gardens - Lucia Genesis
Zelection - Zelest Fall
Zigana - Nalena Fairey
Zun Design - Zun Sahara

Music stream chosen, arranged and hosted by Antony Switchblade.

Finally, I want to thank my love, Antony, for inspiring me every day to be my best self
and do my best work.  I love you baby, you mean the world to me
and bring me happiness I never dreamed possible.