Sunday, September 29, 2013

Yes Ladies, you can...

wear your Bax Regency Self Fitting Rigged mesh boots with your Luck Inc Phat Azz!

Just wear the Phat Azz and its alpha mask.  Then try on the boots, choosing the size that fits best (Standard, Plus or BBW).  If you find you have a gap around the top of the boots (at the upper thigh) or that the bottom of the Phat Azz leg pokes out or the boot ankle is at an odd angle then you'll have to work with the leg muscles and knee angle sliders on your shape.  Try increasing leg muscles for the thigh issue and messing with knee angle for the ankle issue.  

If you're having trouble, feel free to visit the Bax Coen Designs main store and ask a CSR for assistance or register a fitting request at the terminal on the Service Wall behind the desk.  Here I am wearing the standard size boots with my leg muscles set on 86 and knee angle at 67.

** Phat Azz
** Phat Azz Alpha
BAX Regency Boots Pink Leather STANDARD
Glam Affair - Lucy - Jamaica - 02 C - Phat Azz Appliers available at Glam Affair
/Wasabi Pills/ Robin Mesh Hair - Night shadow